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CDBG Funds


How to Apply for CDBG Funds


Click on a Program Link Below for instructions:

BHA Soft Second Mortgage Program - Contact BHA 508-771-7222


For all other CDBG fund requests:

Submit a letter of interest** unless otherwise instructed in a Notice of Available Funds (NOFA) or program details.


Next Steps:


  •       Letters will be reviewed by Planning and Development Department (GMD) staff to determine if the project meets eligibility requirements.  During this time you may be asked to meet with or to provide more information to assist in the evaluation.

  •       HUD requires a review of all projects for Environmental impacts before they can be awarded.  The project scope influences the depth of the review and you may need to provide additional information to aid in the process.  Providing information on any known conditions such as location in protected areas such as flood plains, wetlands, endangered species, historic districts or listed on National Register of Historic Places can help expedite this process.  Although rare, some projects may require a change in project scope, alternative solutions, and/or applicants to incur the costs of a Phase I or II Environmental Assessment. 
  •      When environmental review is completed you will be asked to enter into a Contract with the CDBG program.
  •       When the contract is fully executed and HUD releases the funds you will be given a notice to begin your project. Funds cannot be used for items committed or purchased before this time.

    Contact us if you have any questions about the status of a submitted proposal .


Instructions & Information






Elizabeth Jenkins
Community & Economic Development Coordinator
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P 508-862-4678
TDD 508-790-8901
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