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Statement By Airport Manager
Roland 'Bud' Breault

As the seasonal JetBlue air service between Barnstable Airport and New York-JFK comes to a temporary close today, it’s time to applaud its extraordinary success. In eleven weeks, between June 26 and September 7, more than 12,000 passengers used the once-a-day service – in both directions. On average, flights on the airline’s 100-seat Embraer twin-engine jets were 85 percent full.

The results confirm our belief that there is great potential for expanded air service from Hyannis to points beyond Boston and the nearby islands. JetBlue recognized that promise and responded with superb service that drew customers in numbers beyond our original expectations. It was all about convenience, speed and quality.

There’s no doubt that JetBlue’s New York service enhanced a successful summer season on Cape Cod and helped lift the overall economy here.

Looking ahead, we have invited JetBlue to return in 2015 with service that begins earlier in the calendar and extends into the fall.  And we are reaching out to other regional air carriers, urging them to learn from JetBlue’s success and establish new air service between Cape Cod and more distant destinations.

Upgrades Underway 

Important infrastructure and service improvements planned for 2014-15 are well underway. Airport commissioners and management sketched out an ambitious plan last year to address long-term needs, many of which depend on federal and state grants.

Taxiway “Alpha” Relocation

As of mid-2014, more than half of the work is complete on the reconstruction and replacement of the aircraft taxiway adjacent to Runway 15/33, parallel to Barnstable Road. The taxiway is being moved an additional 50 feet away from the center of the runway to afford an added margin of safety to moving aircraft. As part of the same project, the airport is rebuilding the second phase of the aircraft parking apron on the airfield side of the passenger terminal.

Air Service Marketing

With the early success of this season’s daily JetBlue service to/from JFK in New York, the airport is continuing to shop for new air carriers – to offer scheduled and charter service beyond New York, Boston, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Experienced consultant Daniel Fortnam of Marstons Mills has prepared first-class presentations to candidate airlines. He is making the case for Hyannis as a hub that can satisfy public demands for expanded service. Additionally, the airport is stepping up efforts to generate new revenue from real estate holdings inside and outside the airfield fence.

FBO Initiative

In August 2014, consultant Hoyle, Tanner & Associates is scheduled to recommend whether the airport should provide improved facilities and amenities to operators of private aircraft and, thereby increase general aviation business. The report will include a cost-benefit analysis and advice on whether new or renovated facilities are needed and cost effective.

Whatever the outcome, the airfield’s East Ramp (along Route 28) is being reconstructed. As of mid-year, the $5 million project was about half finished – on schedule and within budget. The work is expected to be completed by November.

Airfield Solar Panels

Nearly 20 acres of ground-based panels to collect the sun’s energy and generate electricity are nearing completion on the airfield. Electricity generated by the panels will be used to power airport and town water facilities and resold to third parties through the Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative. When fully in use, the panels are expected to shrink the airport’s carbon footprint, reduce its electricity costs by more than 17 percent and provide more than $7 million in revenue over 20 years. The panels are expected to be connected to the grid by year’s end.


This fall, NSTAR is expected to complete installation of a new high-capacity electric cable on the airfield, along its easement between Mary Dunn Road, near A-1-A Steel, to Mary Dunn Way off Route 28. The cable will run underneath one airport runway and provide added capacity to businesses and homes in Hyannis and Yarmouth.

Centralized Deicing

Construction will begin in the fall on a new centralized deicing pad that will replace three others now scattered around the airfield. The state-of-the-art facility will reduce the use of hazardous materials. It will incorporate an environmentally-friendly process to automatically collect and separate fluids and route them directly into the town’s sewer system. Deicing fluids now have to be vacuumed manually before they are deposited into the sewer.

Above-ground Fuel Storage

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is funding final design and engineering of a 60,000-gallon, above-ground, environmentally-friendly jet fuel storage center. It will replace a 20-year-old underground tank which has one-third of the capacity of the new one. The project will be put out to bid by late summer 2014 with construction to begin as soon as possible. Construction funding will come from the airport’s enterprise fund reserves.

Taxiway “Charlie” Relocation

Preliminary design and scoping for the reconstruction and replacement of the aircraft taxiway adjacent to Runway 6/24 (parallel to Route 28) will begin in August 2014, with reconstruction planned for 2015. The taxiway is being moved an additional 50 feet away from the center of the runway to afford an added margin of safety to moving aircraft.

Questions about any of these projects should be directed to Airport Manager Bud Breault at Roland.Breault@town.barnstable.ma.us.


Gateway to the Cape & Islands VIDEO

by Susan Beardsley
An example of local art at the airport


Overall Airport Construction View:

In this sky view, taken July 25, 2014, note the dark blacktop strip to the upper left of Runway 33, parallel to Barnstable Road. That is the partial relocation of Taxiway Alpha, 50 feet away from the center of the runway for better overall safety. The new work ends at the airside of the terminal where the new aircraft parking apron was built. Relocation of the taxiway will resume, toward the bottom left of the photo, alongside Runway 33, in September 2014.

East Ramp Reconstruction

This aerial view shows new blacktop in front of hangars along the airport’s East Ramp. The dirt area toward the top of the photo is where Phase Two of the East Ramp Project will be completed in August 2014. Phases Three and Four will be completed by the end of September, 2014.





Taxiway, Parking Ramp and future Deicing Pad:

A closer view of the relocation of Taxiway Alpha, along Runway 33 (Barnstable Road), and the new aircraft parking apron. Note the gray triangular-shaped parcel of land near the tower at the lower left of the photo. That is where the new aircraft deicing pad will be built.




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